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13 Sep

3 Signs Of An Inefficient Office

These days, making your business as efficient as possible is one of the top priorities of employers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Thanks to the rising costs of practically everything, it’s crucial that modern companies are as lean as possible in order to maximise their productivity and grow their revenue.   Yet

28 Jul

Print Solutions For Manchester’s Solicitors

Possibly more so than any other industry, the legal sector is well known for having to process huge volumes of paperwork on a daily basis, most of which inevitably ends up as waste. It doesn’t matter what area of law you specialise in or how small your practice is, both

26 Jul

Are Photocopiers Bad For Your Health?

There are many myths out there about photocopiers and their impact on the health of the workers that use them. When speaking with customers around Manchester, we occasionally get asked about some of these mythological health problems associated with photocopiers, so we’ll aim to dispel some of the most common

05 Jul

Save The Planet, Save A Fortune!

When we started North West Digital some 30 or so years ago, the environment just wasn’t something we ever thought about; whether or not our machines were environmentally friendly just wouldn’t have appeared on our horizon and if you’d spoken to us about our carbon footprint or corporate social responsibility

30 Jun

Introducing Our Ten 4 Ten Promotion

Well, have we got a treat for you or what?!   Here at North West Digital, we’ve been acutely aware this week that things have generally been pretty miserable…politics, sport, the weather; they’ve all made us want to book a trip abroad pretty sharpish.   So we were thinking, ‘what

28 Jun

We’ve Been Awarded Olivetti’s Best For Color!

Well it’s been a week of highs and lows here at North West Digital; we’ve had the EU Referendum (the least said about that the better!), England have been knocked out of the Euros already (that’s football for you!) and the weather has taken a turn for the worse…but that’s

23 Jun

NWD Joins Olivetti’s Best For Color Dealer Programme

  North West Digital is based in Stockport, but is able to cover sales and service support throughout the UK. North West Digital has been awarded Olivetti’s exclusive “Best for Color” Dealer accolade, which entitles them to join a European-wide network of selected specialists who are qualified, at the highest

21 Jun

We’re Football Crazy For Euro 2016!

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but North West Digital is very much a local business for local people; we’re Manchester based and we’re very proud of it. And one of the things that goes hand in hand with being Mancunians is of course, you guessed it,