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Should You Buy Or Lease Your Office Equipment?

01 Nov

Should You Buy Or Lease Your Office Equipment?

For any business, prioritising where and what you spend on your new office equipment and technology can be difficult. Having worked with businesses in and around the Manchester area for over 30 years now, North West Digital understand this, and we also completely understand the need to weigh up all

25 Oct

Manchester And The Northern Powerhouse

There’s been a lot of talk recently, especially around the businesses in the Greater Manchester area, about the Northern Powerhouse. But what are these new buzz words all about, and what do they have to do with Manchester? Well, in today’s blog post, we’re going to take a quick look

18 Oct

3 Free Design Tools For Small Businesses

The world of graphic design is changing. Once upon a time, if a small business wanted a leaflet, a business card or a brochure printing, you had to go to a graphic design agency and pay through the nose for them to design your promotional material as well as print

13 Oct

New Printer? Ask Yourself This First.

Choosing a printer for your office may sound like an easy task – just buy the cheapest, right? – but, when you drill down into it, it’s actually quite a complex question to ponder. There are so many different makes and model of printer out there that it can make

04 Oct

5 Tips On Choosing Your Office Scanner

Time to go paperless? Spending too much time at the post office mailing documents? Concerned about record keeping but no time to worry about filing or storage? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to digitise your business’ projects and collections for safekeeping and archiving. If so, it might be time to update

22 Sep

Seriously, Who’s Still Faxing?

I know what you’re thinking; it’s 2016, who’s still faxing? Well funnily enough, the answer is actually more people than you think!   Yes, despite stiff competition from more modern forms of communication, that old office stalwart the trusty fax machine, is still very much alive and kicking. And in

13 Sep

3 Signs Of An Inefficient Office

These days, making your business as efficient as possible is one of the top priorities of employers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Thanks to the rising costs of practically everything, it’s crucial that modern companies are as lean as possible in order to maximise their productivity and grow their revenue.   Yet

06 Sep

Back To School With NWD

So September has come around again and the kids have all gone back to school; and whether you’re a frazzled parent who is thanking God that this day has finally come or a harassed commuter who is rueing the return of the morning traffic jams, the academic calendar rolls on