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Circus Starr: Our Sponsored Charity

14 Mar

Circus Starr: Our Sponsored Charity

Here at North West Digital, we’re acutely aware that it can be really easy to slip into your own self-contained business echo chamber, especially if you’re a small to medium family run enterprise, like ourselves. Just keeping the business ticking over from day-to-day, making sure your customers are happy and

28 Feb

Spring Clean Your Office With March’s Ten4Ten

Well, it’s that time again, the start of another new month and we’re now already in to March 2017. Nope, we’re not sure where the time’s going either!   But here at North West Digital, the start of a new month means only one thing for us: the Ten4Ten! 

21 Feb

Tips For Creating A Great Business Banner

Through the crowds at any exhibition, nothing catches your eye more than a big, bright banner that’s been beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Whatever sector you’re in, banners can do the legwork for any business by helping potential customers to find their way to you and effectively transmitting your company’s message.

14 Feb

How Safe Are Your Networked Devices?

According to a recent study conducted by Brother and published in a white paper, 75% of IT professionals say that security has risen to the top of their agenda in recent years. But did you know that your networked devices could be a potential threat to your company’s overall security,

07 Feb

Brexit: Good Or Bad News For Northern Businesses?

It’s fair to say that the outcome of the Brexit vote last year came as a complete surprise to many people; but now that we’re 6 months further down the line and most of the dust has settled, are we any further to really understanding the implications of what leaving

31 Jan

Get Your Office Devices Free For Ten Months!

Well that’s it folks; the first month of 2017 is done and dusted. You’ve survived the worst month of the year, you’ve made it to the first payday since Christmas (hopefully without bankruptcy) and we’re now on the home straight to Spring.   Plus, some of you crazy folk will

24 Jan

5 Printing Ideas For Promoting Your Business

When it comes to printing promotional items for your business, there are now so many options available that it can be hard to figure out what might be beneficial for your company and what will simply be a waste of money. From the more traditional items – such as leaflets

17 Jan

The Rise Of Personalised Printing

Personalised printing; it seems to be everywhere these days. And, as has been seen by the public’s reaction recently to personalised grocery items – think Coca-Cola, Marmite and Nutella – there’s something about making even the most mundane of everyday items ‘truly yours’ that really excites people. And we can

10 Jan

Common Printer Problems (& How To Fix Them)

Here at North West Digital, we’re incredibly proud of our top notch after sales and customer support, which works hard to make sure your devices are doing what they are supposed to do, every single time.   Nevertheless, regardless of how good we are, there are the odd occasions when