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Ever Thought of Going Paperless?

For those of us who’ve spent most of our working lives in offices, going paperless is a daunting prospect, but it’s the way our 21st century world is heading and it can have many benefits for your business.

Not only do you save a small fortune on the cost of paper and printing consumables but you also save a phenomenal amount of time on filing, not to mention all that glorious office space you could use if you got rid of those hideous filing cabinets.

But before you panic, this move from paper to paperless doesn’t have to be a gut-wrenching all or nothing and it doesn’t have to happen overnight, because we’ve got something revolutionary that makes it a doddle.


Filestar is a brand new system that allows you to scan your documents straight from your devices and store them safely and securely in the cloud. And for those of you who only speak English, that simply means that you keep all your documents in your computer rather than in your filing cabinet! Clever, eh?!

How Does It Work?

Filestar is your all-in-one document management solution that can be installed in any office and allows your business to;

  • Work seamlessly across all your locations and devices
  • Convert loose papers into searchable PDF documents
  • Name and file all your documents automatically
  • Customise your own index fields
  • Manage all your documents from one, easy-to-use platform
  • Control who is able to edit or read certain documents
  • Find and retrieve documents quickly and with ease
  • File documents directly from your email or Microsoft Office programs
  • And much more.

With this simple system, you can streamline all your business’ documents from one place, saving you time and money and reducing both your bottom line and carbon footprint.

Ask Us About Filestar

North West Digital is so confident about the beautiful efficiency of Filestar that we’re certain your business will benefit from it in numerous ways.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us today and one of our technicians will be happy to arrange a no-obligation assessment with you, absolutely free of charge.