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Circus Starr: Our Sponsored Charity

14 Mar

Here at North West Digital, we’re acutely aware that it can be really easy to slip into your own self-contained business echo chamber, especially if you’re a small to medium family run enterprise, like ourselves. Just keeping the business ticking over from day-to-day, making sure your customers are happy and getting the bills paid on time is more than a full-time job, even with a team of staff behind you, which is why it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in your own little world and forget that the rest of the planet is struggling on around you too.


But we don’t believe that everyone living in their own little bubble makes for a very friendly or compassionate world; in fact, it very often leads to the exact opposite. That’s why we make a special point of making sure our little operation plays its part in the wider community, both business-wise and socially, and one way we do this is by sponsoring the awesome charity, Circus Starr


Who Are Circus Starr?


Founded in 1987, Circus Starr is a touring troupe of world-class professional circus performers from all over the globe, which works tirelessly to help disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled children, whilst simultaneously helping local businesses and charities to boot.



According to their website;


“Circus Starr is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support local businesses and local children’s charities through a 75 venue tour hosted three times a year. A Social Enterprise with children at its heart, Circus Starr operates a unique Donated Ticket Programme that allows thousands of children to attend free shows thanks to the generous support of local businesses who, in turn, enjoy the opportunity to ‘give back’ to their communities.”


Thanks to its unique set-up and network of local businesses and partner charities, Circus Starr is able to provide over £1.3 million worth of free tickets to children, their families and community groups every single year in the UK, giving many children the chance of a fun day out that they would otherwise never get.


Who Benefits From Circus Starr


For the children on the receiving end of this independent charitable organisation’s work, the benefits are even greater than you might first imagine. Since it was first set up 30 years ago, Circus Starr has given more than a million underprivileged children the chance to “run away to the circus and forget their troubles for the day”.


But whilst to most of us a day at the circus might just sound like a bit of fun – a break from the routine – for many of the children involved this experience can be profound and even life changing. In fact, the parents and carers of disabled and disadvantaged children have claimed that Circus Starr’s shows often result in a reduced sense of fear, isolation and anxiety, can help to increase confidence, sociability and self-esteem and can engender a greater connectedness to others and a feeling of inclusion.



Yet it is not only the children who benefit from the work of this unusual but worthy organisation; through the remarkable way this circus is run, it also manages to help the following too;

  • Local Businesses: by buying or donating tickets for local disadvantaged children and their families, local businesses are able to support their local community and ‘give something back’, whilst simultaneously raising their own profile.
  • Local Charities: over the past 12 years, Circus Starr have donated over £900,000 to more than 70 UK charities, and are working with more and more charities each year to reach even more children in need of help.
  • Community Groups: Circus Starr aims to support vulnerable children in as many ways as possible, so works in partnership with a number of children’s hospices and hospitals, young carers, foster homes, SEN schools and women’s refuges to ensure help is received where and when it is most needed.


How Can North West Digital Help?


For several years now, NWD have been supporting the work of this wonderful organisation, as we feel they are an exemplary institution with a very worthy cause. Not only do we believe wholeheartedly in the work done to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children, but we also approve of the way the charity is set up and run to benefit not just themselves or their immediate patrons, but also the wider business and third sector communities as well. This really is an organisation that helps as many people as it possibly can, and it does it in a fun and exciting way too.


That’s why we do fundraisers throughout the year to raise some much-needed funds for this great endeavour, and once a year make a sizeable donation to ensure more children can get their day out at the circus and realise some of their dreams. In fact, we’ve just received our certificate for our most recent donation, which outlines again what the organisation is all about and how much they value each and every contribution they receive;

Cert A52014 (002)


We, for one, are very proud to support the work of Circus Starr and intent to go on helping them as much as we can for a long time yet.


Get In Touch


If you’d like to find out more about the work that Circus Starr does, then you can visit their website to get all the information and find out how you can help this amazing campaign.


If you’d like to know more about the work NWD is doing to help Circus Starr, or to find out how you can get involved or make a donation, then please get in touch with us in any of the usual ways. You can email us at, give us a ring on 0161 477 8950, or fill out the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Rachel Weinhold

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